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    How many days do you take off a week from PE? I heard that gains will be faster if you make time to recover. What has worked best for you? How many days are too many and how many is not enough?

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    When I did manual stretching and jelqs, I did 5 days on 2 days off because it worked well with my work schedule. This worked well for me as the fifth day I was really feeling the effects of PE.

    Hanging is another story. I just got done with a 4 week straight hanging session. No rest works best for me when I hang. Everyone is going to be different and it is your mission to find out what works for you. Remember be safe and don't rush this. Good luck
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      Is up to you how you do the days off but please do them. Most guys do 5 days on, two days off and others do 3 days on, 2 days off. Just figure out what works for you. My husband also takes a full week off after every 90 days. Good Luck!
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        The best way to determine your days off is by watching your PI's and gains together. PE is a trial and error kinda thing and what works for me won't necessarily work for you. I did it 5 on 2 off for the longest time but now after changing my routine I feel that 2 on 2 off has been working better. One thing that I will recommend is taking an extended break after doing PE for an extended time. It's great to relax your mind and body for a bit and just reset.
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