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    So I take really cold showers after running and working out at the gym. Can this slow or prevent gains? Would PE be better before or after the shower?

    Lately I've been reading masturbation prevents or slows gains. Whats the science theory behind that?

    I recently decided to give my member a two week rest before my second attempt with PE. I'm going to start with 50 reps of wet jelqing five days a week adding 10 reps each week before introducing stretching and JP's 90 day routine. My question is when should I introduce my bathmate and Size Genetics Extender? I want to have the perfect pursuit with no injuries.

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    EXCESSIVE masturbation could prevent/slow gains - not masturbation in the normal realm. No real evidence for this but a lot of anecdotal evidence.
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      What is your definition of Excessive masturbation? Would once a day be excessive?


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        Excessive masturbation would be 3+ times a day, every day IMO. There reason we try to keep masturbation to a minimum is to keep our unit in an elongated stat as much as possible. Also, to have a disconnect between masturbation and PE. When we PE we don't want our mind to think we are masturbating. Hard unit and PE don't go good together when you are exercising. Is it the end of the world if you beat

        As far as the shower. It doesn't matter either way if you adequate warm up before doing PE.
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          Some form of sexual activity is necessary to keep your genitals and associated organs "fit". The key is in finding out how much actually helps vs. hinders you. A minimal amount would help you maintain fitness, whereas more would actually help you improve your stamina and further strengthen said organs. Do more than this though, and you risk exhaustion and even overtraining- at best.

          Abuse of masturbation can cause severe problems- especially if one masturbates due to anxiety issues (e.g.- in an effort to "test" their penis' function). The problem can be further compounded if porn is involved.

          It should be noted that, for many reasons, masturbation is not going to give you the same level of benefits as an actual live (and productive) sexual encounter. Something is better than nothing though- so if you're not sexually active, then edging and the like should help you maintain and even improve your EQ- if done correctly.
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