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Is it bad to get temporary get "stretch" marks after a long PE workout?

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  • Is it bad to get temporary get "stretch" marks after a long PE workout?

    If I SERIOUSLY do PE for atleast 2 hours, my penis starts to have these little skin lines that look exactly like the ones on where your joints bend, like the inside part of your elbow, or under your knee. I have 3 of them, evenly spaced apart, and they're only on the top of my shaft (they are perpendicular to the shaft, obviously. NOT FROM BASE TO GLANS). They don't hurt, and they're gone in a day if I don't PE, but should I be actively trying to avoid getting them? Could they actually be good for gains?

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    It sounds like you may be hitting PE a little hard, unless you have been doing this for quite some time, you should keep your routines shorter than that. Start with the JP90 routine before you start to experiment. That will give you the experience you need to learn how your body reacts to PE, and can tailor your routine to meet your needs from there. Over training is a common issue, and will only hurt your gain potential. Try the JP90, and I assure you that will give you everything you need SAFELY!
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      Jaw 2 hours? Don't make the same mistake I did. I used to do manuals with extreme intensity for two hours straight and it could be why I haven't gained anything since I started PE...Do JP90 or a newbie routine, many get great results from them...


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        Two hours is a bit long for a beginner. I have them on my unit due to hanging. It doesn't hurt but there are several red stretch marks. They flare up when i get intense but most of the time it isn't noticeable. I use cocoa butter lotion to help it. In the end, if my dick gets longer and it a few stretch marks....who cares!
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