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  • Warm up option ?

    hey everyone
    Still pretty new here and haven't read anything about this yet so i thought i would share what i just thought of. Just wondering if anyone has tried using a water bottle filled with hot water and a towel rapped around it before for warming up. I think its easier then getting all wet, and using a towel soaked in warm water, or buying a electric heating pad. What do you reckon.
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    In the beginning, I used to use a bathmate, that got me warmed up. Then I started using a rice sock. Then I stopped warming up for a while (not good), then I recently read a post about heating pads (recent) and I bought one,,,,and I like it!! So it's still rice sock and heating pad. I bet the water bottle will work just as good until it looses temperature. :-)
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      I started using a rice sock yesterday and that went down a treat. Gets you nice and warm!