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  • new here yes it works

    new here married and pumping
    yes it works
    wife is smiling so am i
    wife likes the new thickness
    for me i have been pumping for about 7 months started with a sleeve of 1.75 and now am using a sleeve of 2.5in in daimeter
    wonder if some have had the same response from the wife or girlfriend yes straight here
    we married men take pride in pleasing our partners too
    i know having a bigger cock make us all feel more manly

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    sorry forgot wife said that having a thicker cock more exciting i have had both thinner and thicker \a205205a


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      Hey a205205a!

      Welcome to the Gym. I have been pumping for over three years and have increased my perminant girth by about 3/4 inches. After a long pumping session after which I slip on a tight constriction band, I add another 1/2 inch in girth. However, my wife has yet to mention that she is feeling any improvement. She does, however, seem to be more interested in sex than she was prior to the improvement.

      Though you have been pumping for seven months, I still recommend you

      I have found that manual exercises compliment a good pumping routine. You may also find some good pumping tips in the Pumping Forum as well as the Pumpers Group (Click on Groups button in the Top banner).

      Feel free to ask questions and make comments regarding your personal experience which you feel may be helpful to other pumpers.
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