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  • First post here - Seeking advice

    Hey guys,

    I'm a 28 year old guy, I'm fit, healthy, and have a pretty muscular physique. I'm 1.80 CM in height and I weigh 75KG which is about 170 pounds.

    My P size is 5.2", girth is 4" and change.

    To be honest? I've never had any complaints from girls, I've had my share of partners and they usually seemed to enjoy my size. But somehow I always think I'm smaller than usual. I've been watching porn since an early age so maybe that's part of the problem. I've satisfied women in the past from vaginal intercourse so I know it's possible and there's nothing wrong with me.

    When I'm hard I think my P looks quite nice but sometimes when it's flaccid it could look quite small to me and thateads me to think about PE.

    So again I go back to the social image of SIZE. I want to ask you guys, would you do PE if you were in my situation? Do I really need it or do I just need to learn and accept myself?

    And also, how would you say I fare compared to regular guys? Am I in a good place in the middle or am I on the short side?

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    Welcome to the Gym Zachn! Make sure to read through this link before you start in order to avoid injury.

    As to where you are starting out it depends who you ask. Some will say average and some will say just bellow. we have another thread going on right now with this discussion. Go into it with the mentality that you are ding this for your penis health. I will improve your Erection Quality, your flaccid and as a side benefit you might even get length and girth gains. My husband has been doing this since 2010 and we are both very happy with his results. You can check out his journey by clicking the blue link below my signature. Good luck!
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      Originally posted by MrsLooking4more View Post
      I will improve your Erection Quality
      lol ^ . id say you're about average but yeah gaining is always nice no matter what size you are. welcome to the gym bro
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      7 inch club, check
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        Ok, the problem is, this sounds like a tedious process, warming up, warming down, performing the exercises every day... It's not that I'm lazy, I just see myself forgetting to do this stuff. I also read about one of the guys here who got advanced and used a hanger, he hung 27 pounds on his P for a year and saw absolutely no gains. I don't want to be in that situation, start performing exercises and then feeling disappointed because there are no results.

        I am reading your signatures and seeing that you guys actually progress, but somehow, I just fail to believe that it's possible.

        Personally, I am not going to use weights, stretchers or pumps, I think it's too hardcore and not needed for my situation.

        If I could add a single inch to my length and another 0.5" to my girth, I'd be a happy man.

        What exercises should I do and for how long, before I am able to see such progress?


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          Try this for a few months and see if you get any results. It's an easy to follow routine that doesnt take too long each session and is a great way to test how well your unit responds to PE.

          6 inch club, check
          7 inch club, check
          8 inch club,

          Shout out to the BB Misc - We're all gonna make it.


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            Hey Zachn, welcome to the Gym.

            When you say you measure 5.2", are you pressing a hard ruler into your pubic bone (BPEL) or are you measuring from where the base of your P meets your fat pad (NBPEL)? It makes a difference if you are comparing yourself to the various studied.

            We at the Gym are not here to encourage you to start a PE routine; however, if you decide you seriously want to change the Size And quality of your P, we are more than willing to help you decide on a good routine to meet your schedule. There are many routines that do not incorporate a device. Keep in mind, however. That time and consistency are the key factors in determining success.
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