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White horizontal lines on penis shaft skin

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  • White horizontal lines on penis shaft skin

    Last edited by abhiram; 08-19-2013, 12:29 PM.

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    guys.. reply....


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      all i can think of is stretch marks
      6 inch club, check
      7 inch club, check
      8 inch club,

      Shout out to the BB Misc - We're all gonna make it.


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        Originally posted by abhiram View Post
        Hey guys,
        Im a newbie to this forum. Im having 3 to 4 white horizontal lines around the shaft skin above 1-2cm when erect. Not itchy. It looks like a wrinkle in the skin when flaccid. Im a virgin. It is very much noticeable when flaccid and erect. I've been masturbating for 3 to 4 years on an average of 1 to 2 times a day. Im a skinny teenager, not fully grown..

        1. Or it is stretches due to masturbation without lubes?
        2. Are they wrinkles (shriveled skin) formed due to stretches while masturbating without lubes?
        3. Is my penis gaining?
        4. Has anyone experienced this?

        need answers or links..

        Suggestions appreciated..

        Im 5.3' NBPEL, 4.5' girth
        You probably have stretch marks. Go to walgreens and get BioOil, apply it twice a day and STOP DOING PE because it will discolor your penis and cause stretchmarks. Average penis vs maybe .5 longer penis thats all discolored and scarred?


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          Thanks for feedback. Im not into PE at all. All I do is masturbate(without lubes in past). Is it due to this?