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  • Measuring

    I seem to get 0.25 extra in length when I sit forward, point straight out and measure then?? Which is accurate measurement? That or sat back or lying down or standing up?

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    The best thing is to measure in each position, lying down, standing up, sitting back, sitting forward and record the information. Your next measurements you measure in all positions again and compare the measurements.

    For me I measure more when I'm leaning back on the chair and pulling parallel to the ground.


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      For comparison purposes, it does not matter how you measure as long as you do it the same way each time. For bragging purposes, Vulture offered a good suggestion.
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        I agree with not2big. Consistency is all that matters. Use the same ruler and measure it one way and stick with that way.
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          Measure while standing and fully erect. Tilt your ruler sideways so that its edge runs up along your navel. This method is the truest out there and will knock your measurements down by at least .25". Anything else is a flat lie. If I sit down I break the 8.5" mark incredibly easily and there is no way in hell that I'm that large.

          Take every measurement on here with a grain of salt. There are very few of us that measure properly.
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            Thanks guys im just not a fan of saying im something more than i'm not.