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Sacrificing my EQ

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  • Sacrificing my EQ

    Through studying PE and TGC theory my EQ is suffering to get that solid 10 and stay up there...

    I am under the impression that I will have to sacrifice my EQ until I reach the 8" length mark... Then start a more girth centric routine to help build smooth muscle and regain a solid 10.5 EQ.

    Is this my best option? Am I seeing this right?

    BPEL : 16.35 cm
    MEG : 11.43 cm


    BPEL : 19.05 cm
    MEG : 12.3 cm

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    Where did you get that idea? My husband achieved the 8' and had awesome EQ while growing. He joined the site to fix ED and Pre-Ejac and the EQ and Flaccid gains where the first PI's that improved. The EQ stayed right up there while he had the BPEL and MEG gains.
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    BPEL 6.5 +1.5 ~>8.0 02/2013
    MEG. 4.7 +1.3 ~>6.0 03/2013


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      I think I see what you mean. I've seen it said that stretching sacrifices your EQ and I think I can say I honestly agree with this as it seems to happens to me. Why not do length and girth?
      I think after you've been at it for a while, the kegels and jelqs should counteract that issue.
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      Mseg: 5..5..6.5
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