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Fully Erect When Jelqing

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  • Fully Erect When Jelqing

    Hi there,

    I have read about jelqing over the internet. I tried to do it a couple of times but my problem is that I have a full erection as soon as I start, I mean 100% erection. I cannot control it.

    As I know, jelqing has to be done when the penis is flacid or half erect.

    Can anybody help me? Can I do anything in order to be able to perform jelqing exercises?

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    Try masturbating before you do pe, that might help keep flaccid while jelqing. it worked for me for the first month or so then i was able to keep flaccid without having to masturbate first.
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      I usually jelq at 75% or so. If you are having problems with it getting too erect, OXO makes a great suggestion, masturbating prior to PE can help greatly. Also, avoid porn while PEing or providing too much stimulus to the glans. Focus on the work, not the sensations. It's likely that before PE, any time you have been handling your penis, you masturbating. You've conditioned yourself to go to full mast anytime you start to handle it, which is normal. After PEing for a while, that will subside. Keep at it, it'll work.
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