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  • Question about EQ

    First let me say im new to the forums and PE.

    Is my problem EQ?

    About 13 years ago I messured over 7" BPEL. Im dont remeber how much over, but im possitive I was 7"+. I was 20 years old 170lbs

    Fast forward 13 yrs and I am 6.25" BPEL at best. 33 and 179lbs. I dont need a ruler to know that its smaller then in the past, but the numbers are there.

    I feel like my EQ is 95%ish.

    Is it possible to lose .75-1" with just a small EQ lose or is some of the lose from age.

    And if its all from EQ then I should be able to regain the inch quickly right?

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    Well for me theres half an inch difference between around 85% and 100%, because those best parts of the erection fill my head up loads which adds length.

    Had you done any PE before that time 13 years ago? Or any since then.

    I personally doubt that going from 20 to 33 loses penis size, so throw that idea away for now.

    The most likely reason is measuring inaccuracy- maybe back then you used a measuring tape or string, or rounded up, or measured from the side, or measured while stretching, or pushed extra hard, or any number of things.

    But, whatever the case- why does it matter? If its from EQ you can do EQ exercises to get that back-if not then you can do PE to get there again. Either way you can be doing PE and kegel exercises to increase your penile health.
    I'm back!


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      Very true.

      I was curious more then anything. I'm actually using the same ruler I used back then. Its drafting ruler I've had forever. I guess when I get my EQ back to 100% I'll know.

      The more I think about it the more I think my EQ is less then 95%. I cant remeber the last time I had to lean over to take a leak with a hard on.

      Thanks for the reply.