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  • Just rambling

    Last night my penis told me to stop touching him or else he will leave me )=
    He said he needed a break, just a week and a half.

    He said " The dog collar you used to clamp with is no good and you have to stop immediately and definitely not use a hose clamp, even through you have like 10 in the garage".

    I just found a website who sell cable clamps and ship all over Europe, without a crazy shipping cost.
    Finally my clamping session will be serious.

    I seriously doubt that you can have a good clamping session without a cable clamp or a hose clamp (Which is not recommended).
    At least that is what i see when i am on the internet looking for pictures so see clamping sessions, and as always, a cable clamp is used, and i see the dick being expanded like nothing else can do, and also, with all the shit stuff i have tried to clamp with, i was never able to get it completly to the base.

    I have decided to take a break from any penis execises and no mastrubation and edgeing, just a break without touching my weiner, i feel like i should so..
    But of course it's only until i get my cable clamps, about 7-8 days maybe a bit more.