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Good Routine for PE Vets

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  • Good Routine for PE Vets

    When I first started PE, my penis was a lot smaller. Around 6 to just over 6.25 BPEL. Though those numbers aren't exact. In the first year I quickly jumped up to 6.75 and hovered around there for a long time. In the past 3 years I've slowly gained another .375-.500 in BPEL and about .125-.250 in MEG.

    I really want to move some significant gains for the next year. I'd really like to get at least .500 inches in BPEL and .250 in EG.

    My plan is to start on a good 90 Day routine to get well conditioned and then go from there. The plan is to focus on static stretches and slow jelqs @ 50-75%.

    My LOT is still moderate above 6. I'd say it's maybe 4. My girth is all in my base pretty much. Up close to the head it's definitely below 5.0 for a good inch. I've tried to focus my workouts on this part of the shaft before, but it usually leaves me sore and I turtle. I feel like the base of my dick is well conditioned and can take some tougher workouts, but the end of my dick is weak and prone to over-training.

    When I try to get a good stretch with length exercises, I feel like I have these 2 nasty cords on each side of my dick that won't give to anything I try to do. If I try to use additional force or do longer workouts I feel like I only stretch my head off the shaft of my dick.

    Some technical things I plan to do differently. More slow, low erection jelqing, with a focus at the end of my shaft. More stretches straight down to stretch some of my ligs. This should help with girth near the head as well as add a little more length from the lig gains. I think strengthening up the end of my shaft will be important to preventing future over training as well.

    However, I don't know what to do about the 2 nasty cords. Will these be easier to stretch once I loosen up my ligs?

    Does anyone have some advice?
    My Scientific Theory on PE

    6/09 6.50-6.25-4.8-5.1
    2/10 7.2-6.75-5.2-5.6
    8/10 7.1-6.9
    7/12 7.4-7.0-5.3-5.6
    7/13 7.6-7.2-5.4-5.7
    10/16 7.8-7.3
    4/20 8.25-7.75-5.8-6.2