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  • Back at it again

    Hello all,

    I have switched my routine back to a manual method, as hanging was taking up too much time and mental energy.

    I now do a 30-minute session consisting of 10 minutes wet jelq/horse combo (jelq, horse squeeze, switch hands, repeat) that is not unlike the UJ, and then I follow that with 20 minutes of stretching (SO), holding for 10 minutes on each hand.

    And that's it. 30 minutes and I'm done. The expansion from the horse jelqing helps loosen the TA for the stretches, and though any girth I may gain will slow down my length progress, I am more motivated to train both and see progress in either direction than to train one and wait to see if I get anywhere, while I could have potentially been making some gains the other way in the meantime.

    For heat, I use an IR lamp. It offers continuous, concentrated warmth so I never have to reheat. Bought it at Petsmart. Could have saved money if my local Home Depot had them in stock though, so check there first if you're interested.

    Although the results are pending, I will say that this simple routine has been giving me pretty considerable expansion and elongation at each session.
    BPEL: 6.125"
    MEG: 4.5"

    BPEL: ​7"
    MEG: ​6"

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    I've been wanting an IR lamp for awhile. My birthday's coming up soon. Maybe I'll ask admin to get me something good.
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