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So which one first to go??????

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  • So which one first to go??????

    hey there guys....

    I will introduce my self as lionteeth.

    Happy to be a member to you.(I apologize in advance since English is not my mother language, so sorry for mistakes)

    I do PE about 3,5 months. To be accurate right before I started PE was NBEL 16,6 cm standing and 17.1cm sitting or laying down and my girth was 15.1 inches. After doing the newbie routine for these 3 months I went into something more. Let me tell you that I want length more than girth. So now my stats are NBEL 17 cm standing and 17.6cm sitting and my girth is 15.2cm.

    So my new routine is :
    15 min warmup
    Stretch A=2 x 45 sec left,right,up,down out, BTC left, BTC right and BTC straight back.( in between I do 10 circles left and 10 circles right with stretched penis and then helicopter shakes)
    Stretch B=2 x 45 sec x 360* (bundle stretches ) right, left, out, up BTC left, BTC right.
    Stretch C= DLD blaster x 2

    10 min warm up (again)

    Jelq A = 10 MIN common jelq with ok grip and 3 to 5 sec each stroke
    Jelq B= 2 MIN V jelq towards up(laying down)

    15 min warm down

    .And then end.. I think it takes me almost 1 hour this program. My question is this though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should I do first stretches and then jelq?? Or vise versa ?

    please which one first.....i thought strech first but rammln's routine in the start where he gained the most was first jelq then please i want to hear opinions....

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    also should i start ballooning???????????