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    So I've been practicing pe for a couple months now. I started at 6.5 for both bpel and bp stretch. All I've been doing is jelqs and stretches.

    I've gained half an inch on my bp stretch I'm right at 7 and I'm up to 6.75 on bpel. A couple questions. Is it normal for me to start off with the exact same measurements? Also is it normal to gain faster or more on the stretch than the non stretch?

    Thanks fellas

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    Many guys have similar EL and FSL and it is very common for stretched length gains to preceded erect gains. My FSL is about 1/2 inch longer than my EL.
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    12/'09 (start) NBP EL - 4.5, EG - 4.4
    12/11 NBPEL - 5.1, MSEG - 5
    01/13 NBPEL - 5.35, MSEG - 5.1
    01/14 NBPEL - 5.35, MSEG - 5.25
    01/16 NBPEL - 5.4, MSEG - 5.5
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