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If you stop jelqing what happens

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  • If you stop jelqing what happens

    I jelqed twice last week but was too busy to jelq until this week. the next day after jelqing my dick hung, but after that it went back to normal.

    so....your dick will shrink after you stop jelqing? what if u jelq consistently for 5 years but stopped forever...will it shrink back to normal size?

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    It is all, a long term project, to be 'mostly' permanent.
    The term newbie gains comes to mind.
    Use what you experienced as motivation to continue.
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      just like saying "I want to get ripped by next summer"

      If you're getting your body in shape. abs are becoming visible, your over all body looks well proportioned, with nice symmetry.
      you're seeing gains. you're super healthy & happy with your gains. why on earth would you stop???

      you want to maintain what you have accomplished


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        ^ Exactly. Jelqing is life style for most of us
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          If you stop you may go blind or is it the other way around?

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