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  • Need some help.

    New to this and I'm looking to increase my penis size. (Mostly Girth). I'm 6.2 in length and about 4.75 in girth. I would like to get to somewhere over 5! I've read so many things about my girth size and I've accepted it's average and considered to many below avg. What brought me here was what happened a few days ago. Now me and my gf have had intercourse around 8 times. The first six times she said it felt really good. These last two not so much. She was experiencing pain. Which she called more like pressure , friction, and rubbing, she also added she doesn't think it feels like its supposed to. I mean at least she feels something. But I'm thinking its my girth. She's definitely not extremely tight. But kind of. . Probably avg if I had to guess. She also had a dull pain around her tummy. (More prevalent in doggy). I'm thinking that I may have been hitting her cervix. Does anyone know whats wrong? Is it girth related? Am I not hitting her walls enough and then hitting her cervix causing the displeasure? Regardless of that problem I want my girth increased to make things better in general. Thanks (all help greatly appreciated)