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After experimenting and trial and error im now asking for some advice!!!

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  • After experimenting and trial and error im now asking for some advice!!!

    Ok guys, I've been in the field of pe since I was 17. I haven't been too consistent with my routines throughout the years. Longest I've stood with it was for 6 months. But i ve somehow went from 5.5" bpel to 6.5 bpel. I guess I attribute these gains to the intensity of my workouts. Im focusing primarily on length now so my routine consists of just stretches. For the past month this is what my routines been like :

    2 on 1 off
    5-10 min warm up with heating pad
    15 min. Dld length blasters
    20 min. Mandingo stretches (2 left 2 right)
    30 min. Bundled stretches ( left right up and down)
    And would finish off with intense stretching while pulling down the septum at the base which I heard is the part if stretched well, can translate into gains.
    Sometimes would use uncle jims wrapping for 2-3 hours
    Then 5-10 min.warm down

    I've just now stumbled across german stallions paradoxical pullout theory and an am totally reevaluating everything I know so far. So what do you guys think? Should I keep going at the same rate I'm heading, which could mean more limited gains, or should I switch my routine up and how? Thanks in advance...

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    How old are you now? (for how long have you been going?). And would you be able to describe the stretches in detail? :O
    (Measured sitting down, non-bone pressed)
    NBPEL: 7.28
    MEG: 5.70

    UPDATED: (Measured sitting down, non-bone pressed)
    NBPEL: 7.59
    MEG: 5.9

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      I am 25 right now. But like I said I've had plenty of breaks some even years in which I didnt commit to p.e. so I could've done more since I first started. And the stretches as basically how others wouldve described doing on pe forums, I just pulled with moderate to high intensity to get what id think to be optimal or fast results. I've heard however, the harder you pull the tougher the tunica becomes yielding more girth gains the length gains which I found if true, to be counterproductive to what my aim is. Any input on this? Btw I have gained .5" since I started this routine 1 month ago.


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        If your routine is working, don't change it. If you feel like it's not enough, do a higher volume of what you're already doing and stay committed to it.

        Good luck and see you around the gym!


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          At danster, thanks for the guidance! Will fill you guys in on my results. So I've heard mandingos focus more on girth, is that true? If so I'll be discontinuing them with another stretch. Any recommendations?