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For my age, is my penis girth small, and will it grow more?

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  • For my age, is my penis girth small, and will it grow more?


    I'd just like to know whether I'm small or not for my age

    I'd say I started puberty late at about 14, and I'm 18 now, and 5 ft 7 3/4 when stood totally upright. My penis is 5.8" in length and 4.3" in girth when erect, so it's the girth I'm concerned about. I'm not quite done with puberty yet as I'm still growing and my physique is not yet of an adult.

    Does anyone have any idea of when I'll finish growing (and at approx. what height) and if my girth/length will increase much more?

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    I'd evaluate your stats as better than average.
    You may possible gain in both measurements, just invest the time to get 'conditioned'.
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      I was the same size at the same age.
      Then when I was 21 I found PE and still being the same size, since then im 6.2" and 4.8" I hated having a thin penis. You will definitely get results.
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        Upper middle end of average for length, a little lower for girth.

        Doesn't matter though, if the girth of one finger can pleasure a woman easily your penis can do a lot more. And you have the opportunity to PE if you want to increase your size.

        You might, or might not be done growing through puberty, no one can tell. Although its perfectly safe for you to start PE now, it will only compliment any natural gains you have left.
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          Thanks all

          Just one question: If you do the whole PE thing, does the size of your penis go back to the original size if you stop doing PE, or are the gains permanent?


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            Your the same height as me and your stats are similar to mine when I started 3 months ago , my girth was slightly smaller . I`m now 6 1/8" NBPEL and 4 3/10" in girth , so if someone like me who is 43 can make gains on the Newbie routine , a young lad like yourself will make great progress !


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              Gains are permanent if you keep up the habit. At some point your gains will cement themselves, but you can't give up.
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                Once you have cemented your gains, you only need to to some occasional stretching and jelqing to prevent shrinkage, if any.

                If you were a late bloomer, chances are in your favor that you will see some additional girth and perhaps a little length. Start on a beginners PE routine and you can almost guaranty that you will see some growth.
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                01/16 NBPEL - 5.4, MSEG - 5.5
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