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Strengthening the penis - TOO MUCH!

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  • Strengthening the penis - TOO MUCH!

    I saw recently at ************* a couple of posters warning others about stretching the penis too hard, which according to them would result in the penis - intstead of growing - strengthening itself eventually too a degree were gains would be very hard if not impossible to attain..

    What is your take on this? :/
    (Measured sitting down, non-bone pressed)
    NBPEL: 7.28
    MEG: 5.70

    UPDATED: (Measured sitting down, non-bone pressed)
    NBPEL: 7.59
    MEG: 5.9

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    Spend some time stretching your hamstrings. Do some serious stretching. Serious as in having someone stand above you, extend your leg up their chest and above their shoulder, and have them lean over you.

    Do it for a few weeks.

    Your legs wouldn't turn to stone and be completely unable to stretch any further. In fact, they'd be able to bend more effectively and further than before.

    However, I'm not condoning over-stretching, either. There's a fine line there somewhere, and it's different for each penis.
    Starting: 4/2/2013
    BPEL: 7.5"
    MEG: 5.25"
    BEG: 6"
    BPFSL: 8.1"

    BPEL: 8.25"
    MEG: 5.5" (-.25")
    BEG: 6" (-.25")
    BPFSL: 8.75"
    NBPEL: 7.75"

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      I personally believe that this is true for some but not for others, I believe that I had strengthened my own penis by advancing into heavy weights when hanging before. I am now hanging very light compared to my max weights and I am doing it for much more time and I am gaining again so for me I would say that heavy weights hindered my gains. Many will not agree with this but it is my dick and I am sure of this.

      I am in favor of longer manual stretches at moderate tension instead of pulling as hard as one can for short pulls.
      Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before