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  • Protein and shakes

    do you guys know if there is any ingredients in protein shakes that help with pe?

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    Nope, wont help at all but if you want bigger biceps it is good stuff.
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      Yes. Mst drinks with nitric oxide will help you PEing. Since it opens nicely your cardiovascular system and allows more blood to run smoothly.
      now if your talking about specific Protein shakes i would say look for one with Protin and NO, buy that. You could even find a NO bottle and throw some bucks at it. Just be careful not training too hard since it gives you lots of energy as well.


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        To clarify what Jbird just said, some ingredients in shakes or foods may be good for your, may promote good bloodflow or a healthy body. All these will do in PE is better EQ though, they will not in any way aid in the process of enlarging your penis, don't feel you need to get any for PE. If you're using shakes, use them for your skeletal muscles and leave PE to what you've naturally got in you.
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