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How Long Do You Hang For?

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  • How Long Do You Hang For?

    just wondered how long do you hang for before taking it off. I use a bib hanger but find my penis goes purple after a while so I take if off and let the circulation back in before putting it back on, it's usually a good 20 mins though. Is that long enough to see gains?

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    I have for 20 minutes. My whole goal is to get 10 hours of hanging in a week. That is 4 sets of 20 every day plus another 40 minutes spread between the week. This is what Bib suggests himself.
    12-5-11 --- 7-4-14

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      Thats nothing. Stretching is way more powerful than clamping. At least i used to do whole day hangs and barely see any result and i had a pretty heave weight. Trick when hanging is not choking ur head but rather tape it altho i dont recomend using metals or a big object people will pick on u lol