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New Instructional Exercise Videos are Up!

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  • New Instructional Exercise Videos are Up!

    We have a nice variety of new videos added to their appropriate exercise pages. From the proper way to measure BPEL to how to perform the Slinky Bend, we hope these new videos help you visualize how these are done.

    Big thanks to Sydkitty for the amazing modeling work!

    As mentioned, you can find these videos on their appropriate pages, in the Exercise section of

    We hope you find these new videos useful, on your penis enlargement journey!


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    Cool, but where are they? They aren't on the front page on the article section.

    I am sorry I haven't discovered a lot of this forum except from forum part where people actually post threads and where you can post your own thread. But one thing I have realized is the fact that it's very hard to find different things like spesific articles about jelqing, etc.,


    • #3 Article Table of Contents

      PEGym Videos *new*

      They (the urls/shortcuts) have been in the
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        This is going to help a lot of people!


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          I had a quick question about the BPEL measurement, actually.

          It seems that he slides the ruler up against his base and underneath the pubic bone--an incorrect method. Also, he tilts his member downward; from what I've gathered, that's also incorrect as it inflates your measurement by quite a bit. The measuring technique is wrong twice over. I can hit 8.75" doing that, sometimes even 9" if I'm hard enough, but there's no way in hell I'm actually that long. Anyone have any thoughts as to this technique?
          Starting: 4/2/2013
          BPEL: 7.5"
          MEG: 5.25"
          BEG: 6"
          BPFSL: 8.1"

          BPEL: 8.25"
          MEG: 5.5" (-.25")
          BEG: 6" (-.25")
          BPFSL: 8.75"
          NBPEL: 7.75"

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