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Im getting negative PIs and dont think Im over training?

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  • Im getting negative PIs and dont think Im over training?

    Hey Guys,

    I do my PE, one day On, one day Off and sometimes 2-3 days in a row.

    Most days I will alternate from Ultimate Jelqs, to Ultimate Vs and regular OK jelqs.
    I always warm up in a hot shower and usually start off with some light 25-50 regular Jelqs.
    I do these exercises at all erections levels, from 40-90%, when i do the harder erection levels, it usually doesnt hurt as much but
    im also going slower and less grip.

    I will then do my routine which is about 250-300 Jelqs (of the various styles). The Jelqing session last about 25-30min, sometimes 20min total.

    So basically Im jelqing 3-5 days a week, 25-30min a day and I use a cock ring almost daily off and on throughout the day.

    At first I reached 7" nbpel, Im pretty sure I was at about 6.80"
    My girth is 5" and remains the same, except lately i think the girth went down some.

    My Negative PIs are, I get a sharp pinching pain on the underside of my penis when I reach the end of my session usually. I think the pain is coming from
    the underside vein, becus If i change my grip where my fingers are touching, the pain will go away a little bit, sometimes I even jelq at an upward direction towards my face and that seems to take away the pain as well. And the pain is only temporary, it goes away once i let my penis go.
    I also noticed that my penis seems to be slightly smaller in girth and length.
    And I dont have as many morning hard on as I did before PE.

    So my question is, What do i do? I didnt think my PE routine was that bad, I was going to try to do it everyday but after
    looking up the negative PI's, it scared me.

    Wouldnt you think 25-30min a day, 3-5 days a week is not that much?
    Whats your opinions guys.

    OH by the way, my flaccid was getting fatter and longer and still is, but just not allll day long like it did when i started?
    Also, once in a while, I do flaccid bends and squeezes/ulis. So i try to do all girth exercises.
    Sorry for the long post, just want to grow some girth for the wife.
    Started April 13, 2013
    NBPEL 6.75", EG 5"

    June 13, 2013
    NBPEL 7", EG 5"


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    Off the bat, bro, I will tell you just by your date of entry, you are putting too much on the plate for the type of routine you are doing. It is too much for your penis right now. Everything in PE when you up your routine takes first a conditioning period. Your penis can only gain on a cellular level so fast. Heck, you can even gain so much in pumping iron so fast at that which is a long process. However, the penis is not like gaining muscle which was meant to adapt to weight by resistance.

    So, here is what I want you to do, bro. My routine for your start to conditioning girth wise (Warm-up/warm-down don't need to said, we know).

    Stay with the JP's routine because all we are doing for right now is slightly modifying it.

    Do 30 diamond-jelgs at a 60-70% eq then do 50 * wet-jelgs at a 70-80% eq.
    Repeat these 6 times and take a break after 3 times if needed.

    When you do the wet-jelgs, do them standing up with on foot on a chair because I want you to split the set up with 25 one hand and 25 another. Now, pay attention to the details.
    If you are using the left hand, then the right foot should be on the chair because you want to get as close the base as you can with the right hand going underneath the buttock to grab your ball sack so it don't pull with the jelg. Then after 25 alternate. You will automatically feel the tension.

    Now, what is a diamond jelg. It is mine style of v-jelg which works the lower sides and upper sides which resembles something like a diamond which takes both hands. The benefit is that you can maneuver the thumbs on top and fingers on the bottom for tension and form. This will target both the cc's sides and cs as well. The less you put your fingers underneath on the cs the more you focus on the cc's for width. It works well. Read my log.

    Do this routine for a while then you can move on to more intensity. By the way I still incorporate some if the reps in my routine when clamping, and do all the sets when not clamping given my penis a rest from it.
    Begin 7/25/2011:
    NBPEL 7, BPEL 7.2, MEG 5.6, BEG 6

    Current 12/05/2014:
    FL 5.25, FG 5.2
    NBPEL 7.8, BPEL 8.1, UEG 5.75, MEG 6.25, BEG 6.7

    UEG:MEG 6.5