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  • 'Yanking the chain'

    Good afternoon fellow PEers.

    Today I dry masturbated for a couple hours. it took me about an hour to get to the PONR and I just edged for another hour. I purposely never came. This brings me to my 2 questions:

    1. My unit feels like I actually got a pretty harsh workout in, could this be considered benefitial to making your unit bigger?

    2. Should I be warming down after 2 hours of yanking the chain?

    Why stop?

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    1. Yeah that sounds like a pretty harsh thing to do to your penis. I wouldn't masturbate for more than 2 hours. I tried some jelqing routines for 2 hours that worked great, but anything beyond that felt like I may sustain injury. You should also lube up instead of going dry. Your penis can get really dry if you dry masturbate all the time.

    2. For a warm down, I would definitely take a nice warm shower afterwards with the shower head facing my penis. Make sure the shower head is not a high-powered one though or else it will hurt your penis. I usually aim the shower head at my penis after my jelq sessions and my penis feels great afterwards.

    p.s. I wouldn't masturbate for 2 hours all the time. Your penis can get fatigued. Take like 2 days off afterwards or more if your penis feels really sore
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    Stay cautious about your PI's, take at least two days of rest time, and pray all goes well every day.

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    Long Term Goal:
    NBPEL: 8.5 in.'s NBPEL


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        Thanks for the feedback. I mainly do long sessions for stamina only. Just wanted to get some info, the link helps.
        Why stop?