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  • The ultimate GIRTH Thread

    Well, I am brand new here (just registered and have never been to this site before) so I am still learning on how to use site and I apologize if this is already a thread. If it is, I would whole-heartedly appreciate it if it was merged to the appropriate place.

    Anyways, I came here in search for 1 thing. Adding GIRTH. The exercises I have briefly viewed all seem to somewhat focused on length- except for clamping- I am looking fwd to start trying that.

    That said, I am looking for advice on adding GIRTH and GIRTH only. I am between 8-9 in in the length department, but only avg in girth, and want to make my penis more proportionate to it's length. Having a longer penis also kinda sub-consciously makes me feel self-conscious about my girth as well.

    So, are there any exercises besides clamping that develop girth? I noticed clamping shouldn't be attempted until you have 6 months of working out under your belt..and I have never done a dick exercise in my the 4358430958340958X I've had

    It likely is all in my head..but I have this big idea in my head that if I could add girth to myself, that I could be the ultimate package for a woman..a perfect '10' so to sounds stupid..but the ego is a fragile thing, as we all know.

    Thanks in advance, and I am excited to see what is truly possible and accomplishable with a fair amount of dedication

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    Sticky situation... don't really wanna add length it can be painful at that length especially if ur talking nbpel of 8+ any exercise due to the fact of you being new I think ull get some length too... i'd just start off jelging bro...