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Tunica and tissue focused theory,anyone with positive results?

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  • Tunica and tissue focused theory,anyone with positive results?

    Guys,i saw this theory,one quite famous actually,about focusing exercises on your tunica or the surrounding tissue(length focused/girth focused),it states that by doing it you actually improve in a much better way you gains.
    So since its quite famous,and i could not find any threads regarding the after results of it,i would like to know from you guys,who actually used this option,did you have any difference,did it actually work in practice?,the theory is convincing though.

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    Do a search for TGC theory, quite a few threads around on this subject.
    Start 12MAR'13

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      Worked for me in a strange way. Focusing on girth never gave me length, but my girth exploded. I was hitting 5.75", which was up from the normal 5.5", in less than three weeks of girth workouts. I stopped and turned to length workouts instead because I was stagnant at 8.1".
      Starting: 4/2/2013
      BPEL: 7.5"
      MEG: 5.25"
      BEG: 6"
      BPFSL: 8.1"

      BPEL: 8.25"
      MEG: 5.5" (-.25")
      BEG: 6" (-.25")
      BPFSL: 8.75"
      NBPEL: 7.75"

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        i see