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my pecker is hard when i try to jelq

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  • my pecker is hard when i try to jelq

    The past couple days my sessions haven't been right. I start jelqing completely flacid and then my dick starts to grow but it stays hard. It will be for example 50% erect but it is hard, so I can't get a smooth squishy jelq feeling when i stroke. Is my part overtrained or something?
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    Rest it.

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      One other thought, is do your pe more gently at 50% erection, see how that works. Still may need to wait for Mr Pecker to relax.
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        try holding your breath for a few seconds. breath slowly.

        your penis should go down. keep your mind blank.

        relax. and jelq with a blank, peaceful mind. works every time.
        try not to think of anything sexual.

        It's worth it in the process..


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          Kinda sounds like hard flaccid in which case you need to rest and take it slower. If it's about too high of an erection, then doing kegels and reverse kegels in between usually helps me.
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