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Jelqing vs penis pump?

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  • Jelqing vs penis pump?

    Both jelqing and penis pumping force blood to the penis. Both have a risk of ED if done wrong/with too much pressure. Isn't the usage of penis pump pretty much the same as jelqing? What are the differences? I'm interested because penis pumping requires little effort when compared to jelqing and i would prefer it if it gains results as well.

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    Your girlfriend riding you too hard or giving you a handjob with too much of a squeeze can give ED also.
    Penis pump your using pressure from a vacuum to enlarge and keep your penis in that state, jelqing pushes the blood through veins to enlarge. Both give gains.


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      From what I understand, permanent gains from pumping are harder to come by then jelqing gains. It seems that most pumpers here recomend at least a combo of excercizes. I made all my gains from manual stretching and jelqing. Pumping doesnt seem to like me. lol. I tried it and still do from time to time to "shock" my penis. (that means trying different things to stimulate growth after a plateau)


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        Whats ED??


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          Erectile dysfunction.


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            Imagine a tube of toothpaste. Start at the bottom and squeeze the toothpaste out. That is jelqing. Now sck the toothpaste out. That is pumping. Now imagine both scenarios with the cap still on the toothpaste. Not really sure if this makes sense to anyone else but it does to me. Pumping for me seems to show more results near the head while jelqing is more of an overall thing.

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              I have pumped for over 10 years and I have permanent gains in girth and length. I went from having a regular 6 inch dick to literally a Red Bull can. I would pump a low pressure for a short period. Later in the session I would tie my base and pump again. Pumping gave the sensation of girth gaining and pumping with a tied base (clamping ) I literally would feel my pump pulling my penis. Keep this up for years. Recently, I reconnected with an old sex partner who was shocked with my new cock.


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                Originally posted by Steve23 View Post
                Erectile dysfunction.
                Sometimes referred at as a limp dick when the time is right. I have gained nice girth but little length through pumping. There are also special pumping routines that help with limp dick syndrome.
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                  how many gains did you make and over what period of time?


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                    Jelqing seems to exhaust my penis much more than pumping.
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                      Pumping is a static exercise, jelqing is dynamic. Pumping inflates your smooth muscle cells with blood then keeps them in that state without further movement. Jelqing inflates and deflates your smooth muscle cells as blood is forced into them and then forced out. Jelqing in my opinion (never tried a device so I am only looking at this through tainted eyes) is more effective because you are fatiguing your cells through the inflation/deflation of the cells. Whereas once your pump has pumped up your cells they are basically just sitting there doing nothing.

                      While this section from an article I copied is not directly related to PE obviously, the same principles apply in my opinion.

                      "Dynamic stretching improves flexibility in motion and it resembles a movement you would make in your sport. By performing a dynamic stretch before a sport, you not only reduce the risk of injury, you also fire up your muscles for peak performance. It is, in effect, a dynamic warm-up.

                      The flexibility gained by dynamic stretching is due to a slight rise in muscle temperature allowing stimulation of the nervous system and elongation of muscles.
                      As stated above, dynamic stretching is ideal for warm ups because it decreases the likelihood of injury and increases the possibility of improved performance. By contrast, static stretching does neither of these things. A static stretch is not useful for warming up because it doesn't stimulate the nervous system or increase muscle temperature much. In fact, static exercise does just the opposite, it calms the nervous system and cools muscle temperature."
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                        Hey how to get quick gains for girth