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Turns out I’ve got low testosterone.

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  • Turns out I’ve got low testosterone.

    I took a test from everlywell a company out of Austin that provides home test including free level testosterone tests . It measures free form testosterone in saliva . It all makes sense, because I must admit I shaved my chest hair about 4 months ago and it still hasn’t grown back. I’ve always struggled to grow a beard …. So this all ads up a bit . I’m wondering if the low t can effect my penile growth potential and if the prescribed androgens may help my size since I do have low testosterone . I’m going to get to a endocrinologist for further test and hopefully I can gain a bit possibly with prescribed hgh or dht under the guidance of a doctor

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    Hey Johnra, I am on trt. I was having all kinds of issues with energy, motivation, ed, etc...My test showed that I was like 40 points under what is considered normal..

    I'm not sure if it helps with size but EQ is out of this world since I have been on it. It's a YUGE decision to make since it completely stops your natural production. It's a lifetime commitment but I decided the benefits outweigh the side efffects...

    I can tell you, I started this journey around Jan. - Feb. of 2021 and started trt in June. In the first 6 months, I didn't see a lot of progress. June-Sept., I am actually seeing physical changes!!! Like, pretty significant changes...

    I also found the forum around June and changed my routine. I went from strictly hanging heavy weight to following most of the JP90 with weight hanging.

    I can't say if it was the routine change or the meds that has given me an increase. I haven't tried the hgh but I am seriously considering it...

    Best decision I have ever made was to start trt!!! I'm running 3-5 miles a day, strength training, and PE!! I am 150% more fit than I was in my 20s (I'm 45) and the wang is at attention just about all day!!!

    Recently hooked up with a beautiful 21yr old for an entire weekend (no not a hooker) and let me tell you, she hasnt stopped calling and texting! This shit is amazing!!!

    Good luck!!


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      Low T can contribute to a host of negative issues, but there are other hormones you need to get checked also. Get a full spectrum test to see how your levels of SHBG, estradiol, prolactin, etc. all check out.
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        Thanks Big Al! I am actually due for my 3 month follow up so I’ll ask to get all of it checked..

        appreciate it..