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    So I'm thinking about putting together an android app (and maybe eventually porting it over to other phone OSs) and wanted to ask you guys what features and functionalities you think would be useful in a PE-related cell phone application. Some ideas I have right now include:
    • Workout logging
    • PE exercise list w/ descriptions
    • Growth charts

    Any more ideas?

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    You already said most of them.Anyways it's a good idea.
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      Mobile forum!!! Please. No, really. Please.
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        Who runs this site anyway? I'd have to coordinate with them for something like that.


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          I think remek is the founder of PEGYM.

          and how about adding something similar to the visualizer.. or something that simply compares the volume and stuff
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            Minute timer for hanging, repeated second timer for jelqs?

            Section with list of PE exercises with instructions and visual tutorial (Pictures? Videos?)

            Section with list of theories and or PE education
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              Yes,you forget the kegel exercises.i can't wait!
              Let me know when there is one!
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                do not leave your phone at your buddys house, you may wanna lock that up.
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                  code_junkie, the forum is vBulletin 3.8 so maybe you can find something useful that that does? I don't know the software well, I'm an enterprise guy rather than a LAMP guy
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                    Originally posted by spanky View Post
                    code_junkie, the forum is vBulletin 3.8 so maybe you can find something useful that that does? I don't know the software well, I'm an enterprise guy rather than a LAMP guy
                    me too ;-)

                    great suggestions so far guys, keep em coming!


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                      PRetty cool code junkie. Glad you are dedicated to the project.

                      Any progress on this app? When will it be ready for us and what phones are you realeasing for?
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                        Well I'd still definitely like more of a response out of the community so I can get a better feel of the features that are needed by the majority of the guys before starting coding this thing.

                        Details, details, details.

                        And I also believe there are at least a couple other developers around here who may be interested in the project, or might even have one of their own going already.


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                          The best feature would be....have the phone scan your penis and letting you know what it thinks,lol
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                            lets see,

                            work out log
                            exercise lists like how to do kegel or how to jelq
                            regimens like jp90
                            mobile access to these forums i think is #1 on my list
                            umm how about a log for size gains
                            Timers like beeps every x number of second which signals how long a jelq rep should last
                            Unlock code for the app i think is almost a must with how many times you share a phone with your friend lol. maybe give it a stealth name like butter
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                              i think it would be cool if there was a camera feature that could track progress visually, take visual measurements, and note the changes, chart growth, etc. you could use something like a dollar bill to compare size in your pictures.

                              progress tracking would be great. daily reminders for routines and rest days (especially helpful if you mix your routine up a lot). there are all kinds of possibilities for charts and graphs which could be cool - pie graphs of what you spend your time on, charts of progress, bar graphs of what you were at when you started and now.

                              you should get in with big al and a few of the pros and vets to write a troubleshooting section, where your routine is going wrong, injuries and what to do, etc.
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