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stretched flaccid length longer than erect length?

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  • stretched flaccid length longer than erect length?

    By using the stretched flaccid method of measuring, I get to 5.25", but my erection at 100% is either just five inches or 5.1 on a very very good day (all non bone pressed). I've considered the fact that I'm also stretching the head when I stretch my flaccid penis so that might make it longer, but the head gets even bigger than that when it's erect.

    What does this typically mean, if anything? Is it possible that my penis is beginning to get bigger but my erections haven't "caught up"? I remember just a year ago I would have to stretch my flaccid penis to the point that it hurt just to get to 5 inches, and I'm really past the age where it would grow all on its own without any intervention.

    Maybe I'm just being hopeful that my 3 weeks of PE'ing have already done something (aside from improving EQ).

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    Generally flaccid gains precede erect gains.
    The time for one to catch up to the other is an unknown variable, pending your workout, etc.
    Erect gains do not match flaccid gains on a 1:1 ratio, ex:
    .6" flaccid gain may only result in 0.2" erect gain.
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      so I SHOULD take this as a sign that my exercises are effective?


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        I was curious of this as well.. my bpel is 7, and stretch is 7 1/4 so I am hoping in a month or so my bpel is 7 1/4..
        starting stats: 6.5-6.6 BPEL 5.5.-5.6 EG
        March: 7.2 BPEL x 6.0 EG
        March: BPFL 7.7
        Goal: 8.0 NBPEL x 6.2 EG


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          Meh, fill me in when someone figures out the science behind this. I'd like my BPEL to be 6.75 like my BPFSL is, but it's only 6.25.
          4.5" FG // 5.5" EG
          5.75" NBPEL // 6.25" BPEL
          6.25" NBPFSL // 6.75" BPFSL

          Short // Long
          6" NBPEL // >7" NBPEL
          6" EG // 6" EG
          7" BPFSL // 6" NBPFL


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            You other guys who have a longer stretched flaccid length than erect length, was it like that before you started PE or is it something that happened as result?


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              Dude you shouldn't under no circumstance be stretching your glans as well as your shaft, your grip should be behind the glans. If you're stretching the glans you're running the risk of damaging the nerves that are in it and the result of that can be a loss of sensitivity.
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                My BPEL is about 8.25" and my BPSFL is around 8.5".
                Read up on the TGC theory to see what it means. Once you finish conditioning your dingdonglingadongdong you should be able to apply that to see what you need to do to gain most effectively.
                Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
                Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
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