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It always affects PI negatively

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  • It always affects PI negatively


    I try to keep this short. I've been doing PE almost a year now. It has always been a battle against overtraining. Or so i thought, now i'm not that sure anymore. I always recover myself and then continue just to notice PE again has negative impact to my EQ and libido. What the hell?! Why? And it always makes me celebrate way too soon when i recover myself... and it makes me write here about new technique i found how i can do pe without overtraining but BOOM couple of days later i have low libido and erection is harder to get. Jesus!

    This is fucking stupid i tell you!
    I want to do PE. Latest event was me jelqing and finding myself in total libido loss and erection for a month. Healed myself back to normal "horny easy boner -guy". I started from the scratch, used proper heat before hanging and hang like 1lbs weight ony for one hour and then took it off. Continued to keep my unit warm and elongated few hours after the hanging with one little weight about 1/4 lbs (a small nut)... booom! again it took away my libido, morning wood and made erection harder to get and maintain.

    I have stopped porn and masturbating few weeks ago. I have sex like once a week.

    Why in the love of fuck is this so damn hard for me? I understand if someone punishes his dick to the max and places get a little sore and needs to recover day after but why does it has a such damn big impact to my PI when i do so little?

    Should i just keep doing these little PE exercises and believe i will master this some day or should i just quit and say that PE is not for me?

    Has anyone faced similiar problems? Bear in mind, i've done TWO DAYS very very VERY light PE and been extra cautious TO NOT OVERTRAIN myself... but you know. It happened again. Fuck.

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    Ok, i already decided to end my PE experiment right here. I think i gained 1cm in total erect length, dunno about girth and flaccid length. Never paid too much attention to them.

    It's really consuming and hard to think every day if i can have decent erection to have sex with my lady. Clearly this pe stuff is not for me anymore. My unit does not feel over stressed or over trained. But Even the lightest of PE exercises seem to impact my erection and libido ... so fuck it. I have 15-15.5cm erect dick and that has satisfied my lady for many years already. Perhaps i will try to learn some new tricks in bedroom instead of PE.

    I will now draw back into shadows whence i came and MAYBE try this pe stuff next summer again... ? that is a big MAYBE

    Thanks to all. Keep supporting each other! MAN POOOOOWEEEEER!!


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