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  • Privacy?

    Do to Covid part 2, we will both be working form home on a permanent basis. So no more privacy time for PE. Do I fit in stretches during restroom breaks and work with what little time I can find, or do I tell her what I am doing and hope for the best? She is kind of old school and I do not think she would really understand PE and dedication to it.

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    Then do what you can do but I bet you'll find some time you never knew you had.
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      Careful, this kind of subject matter, might be injurious to a relationship; and then again it might turn things in a most favorable direction.

      This one needs your careful handling; what ever advice you get, be very thoughtful with it.
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        This is definitely a tough question, and absolutely depends on the lady. When my husband (boyfriend at the time), told me about PE and showed me some of the stuff, I was more along the lines of telling him he didn't need it and didn't quite understand. I knew nothing about PE at that time. He then explained that it was for him and ultimately I supported him. Now, I appreciate knowing and we openly talk about it. But idk if all women would be this comfortable discussing with their partner.


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          I have been doing PE for over 10 years and I don’t believe my wife is aware that I am doing PE for enhancement. I have ED and need to use a medical type vacuum erection device in order to have sex so she does know I have a penis pump. However, I don’t believe she knows I also have another pump I use for enhancement nor that I do manual exercises and use an ADS and an extender.

          I do all my exercises in the bathroom in the morning, again at night before going to bed, and in bed at night while my wife is sleeping.
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            You'll have to adjust your schedule/routine until you get used to the new schedule. For me, I've been doing the jelq free routine but due to time constraints I do the side to sides on day 1 in the shower and day 2 I do the squeezes trying to limit my "showers" to 15-20 minutes. I do this on a 2 on 1 off schedule.

            You may want to consider doing more intense exercises that take less time.
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              I was lucky that Mrs inch noticed when I put on size

              Start - 20/05/18.

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                I was also lucky that Mrs Fritzi (after 4 children) understood my need to do something positive...but then we both benefitted anyway. I think you just have to be honest with your partner and see what they think. Porn, social media etc. can give us unrealistic views of what's important. It's so common these days for men and women to do pretty extreme to their bodies to look a certain way, I think improving your "part" to function better to give pleasure to another is absolutely admirable!