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Recently hospitalised. Catheters?

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  • Recently hospitalised. Catheters?

    Hi guys I was recently hospitalised following a big hit in an American football game, my entire gut area took a pounding with some corrective surgery needed, I had been catheterised for the first 10/11 days and have only had it removed in the past 2/3 days, my urine function felt a little weird for a while but it seems back to normal at this point. Iím obviously still in the hospital and havenít resumed my program yet, but given by the time I get out I would have had 3 maybe 4 weeks off of working out, plus when I pull on my dick a bit to make it easier to use the in bed piss bottles I can still feel a little twinge where the catheter used to be, does anyone have any experience with this? Or suggestions for precautions I may have to take when getting back into it or should I be able to pick up where I left off? Id been working out for just around 4 1/2 months total at the time of my injury.

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    My non-medical based opinion is that after a week of rest you should be ok.
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      Appreciate it. Will just pick up as soon as Iím out maybe start a little lighter than where I left off, see how he responds.


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        Has your doctor told you when it would be OK to resume sexual activity? That would be a good time to ease back into training.
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