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Any Cosmetic Surgeonís that specialize in males?

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  • Any Cosmetic Surgeonís that specialize in males?

    One: Mostly just curious. There are so many things women can do to their body and it is accepted, so just wondering how many procedures are out there for men and if a doctor could make a living doing predominantly male things? Also while they are called a cosmetic surgeon, does not mean it has to be surgery, just like a doc can do injections and fillers and other cosmetic things without surgery.

    And Two: Some genuine interest because I feel like I do have a bit of scar tissue on one side of my penis. I have always had a slight leftward curve, and although not bugging me, I am curious if they have anything to break that up and promote healing. I havenít really had an injury except one time in early 20ís, and even though it hurt, there wasnít like a big pop, penile fracture or anything. It just sucked cuz since it was already a little curved, it went to that side even more on impact. I doubt lasting damage from that though. But anyways it is a somewhat significant curve, and in fact Iíve gotten mostly away from jelqs and squeezes and mainly do stretches. I can feel like a tight ligament in my Dorsal L lateral cock. It can be damn tight, and not sure why it gets that way. I have had some hip issues as well and wondering if it is poor pelvic alignment, or gait causing it. After some dedicated stretching of 10 days or so I can really get it to loosen up and penis sits more even and both sides seem to erect evenly. Bonus benefits of better EQ and marginal length. Either way, I am not big into PE anymore, because frankly I donít have the time, but if I could have that 2 week stretch penis permanently, Iíd be happy. So is their anything injection that breaks up scar tissue or collagen that has been used for instances like this?

    Or should I just nut up and become a good PEíer again? I do enjoy it and like the benefits it gives, but can take up to 40 mins out of my day, mainly because I have to have it warmed up and I always do after cardio/work out so I have a good pump so its actually useful, not just pulling around a limp salami. I have done some hanging before, with like 2.5 lbs and that is where I see most benefit, but again have to be warm and somewhat aroused. Do I try to shorten my routine? Or is there some other exercise routine or device I should look into?

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    If you want to consider fillers they're a good option to increase girth in a blink of an eye. There are different options available, the safest is HA but it lasts 12-18 months, fully reversable, or you can go with EllansŤ (4 years) or PMMA (permanent), which are of course more risky.
    The most important thing is to have it done form a very experienced doc and also that you have to consider the budget for the procedure and for the following touch ups