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Did you have problems with upper back pain when hanging?

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  • Did you have problems with upper back pain when hanging?

    Totally forgot what was the main reason I switched from standing to SO - enormous back pain. Then I noticed a good chunk of my pubic area discoloration from skin stretch I got with pulley system hanging and started to feel too much skin stretch, now I did my first session after couple of months, standing, and it's night time and can't fall asleep how much my back hurts! It's in the middle between scapulas. My posture is rock solid tight, upward, neck position checked, legs, shoulderblades back. It seems the more upward I get the more it hurts

    What the hell to do? I don't have chair high enough so I could sit. Tried to sit on the edge of sofa where arm rest is with my legs across other sofa and noticed pubic area skin stretch again... hanger usually gets stuck at the edge of chairs and crush my testicles. Problems followed by another problem heh

    Any advice is welcome!


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    It's stupid situation to be in - pulley, sitting, btc stretch my skin a lot, standing feels good but back hurts. I can do single 20min and after it I feel that type of discomfort or soreness of my upper back, right in between scaps. Anyone have a clue what to do with it? It seems when I arch my back and activate every single muscle to be as straight as possible it starts to 'hurt' that way. It's the same thing when I'm walking longer, same feeling
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