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Is the pump an instrument that can extend the limitations of the sponges?

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  • Is the pump an instrument that can extend the limitations of the sponges?

    I wonder if pump is definitely helpful in expanding the sponges. I sometimes see people who say that it doesn't act directly on sponges, but that the epidermis is swollen and only looks big for a while.
    Or if you do it consistently, it's going to work. There are many different opinions. What do you think?

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    There has been some evidence in the medical press about use of vacuum pumps

    "The use of a vacuum erectile device for penile length preservation
    Aghamir and colleagues reported that 6 months after VED use, there was a nonstatistically significant increase in mean penile length from 7.6 to 7.9 cm [Aghamir et al. 2006]. While the efficacy of VED treatment was approximately 10%, there was a 30% patient satisfaction rate."
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      My perminant girth increased by over 1” as a result of pumping. I doubt the increase a result of a swollen epidermis epidermis. Pumping temporarily increases my girth by an additional 1/2” which could be a result of a swollen epidermis; however, to perminantly increase my girth by 1” something more than the epidermis has been perminantly expanded.
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