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    I notice that the majority of porn actors with 9+ inches have a difficult time getting rock hard and staying that way, even though they have access to to all the ED drugs and tips and tricks used in that industry. They are plowing away with about a 70% or more erection and it bends and sometimes folds and comes out. Can the human body not supply enough blood or blood pressure to keep those poles hard??? or what?

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    Yeah makes one wonder if they had length surgery and now their erection quality is trash. There's that mandingo guy that doesn't seem have any problems with getting it hard. So I would say having a 9+ inch rod may be a lot more demanding on the human body but it looks like it's still doable.
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      I think part of the problem is the body builds tolerance to the drugs and from what I've heard, if it looks good on camera it doesn't feel nearly as good; referring to all the angles and positions.
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        It does seem to be a re-occurring theme for some of those porn stars who were gifted with extra length. I truly wonder if the human body has a tough time keeping up the blood pressure in the basement for an extended length of time?


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          It could be party to do with the sexual desensitisation that porn stars must suffer?

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            Ditto what pound said ^

            I’m sure a lot of them have issues with requiring more stimulation to stay hard. Mentally, physically, etc.

            probably a bit more visually obvious with a huge banana too
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