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Starting with only pumping. Want girth + congenital curvature correction. Realistic?

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  • Starting with only pumping. Want girth + congenital curvature correction. Realistic?

    Right now I am 7inches length x 5inches in girth, with a downward curve at the top third of my penis that's roughly 30 degrees.
    Main goals: More girth, straighter penis Secondary goal: better EQ
    I'm willing to eventually go into jelqing and other techniques, but I would like to add one "technique" at a time to see it's effects. I know that doing everything at once in a SMART manner would give better results, but I'm limited on time, and I can commit to pumping twice a day for 15 minute sessions. For those of you guys who pump and have had success with it, I had a few questrions.
    1. Some places recommend to pump to 50% erect for 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off for the first 5min, then 75% for the next 5 min, then 100% for the last 5min, always using some sort of tempo. Is this advantageous and why? If not, is there a better way?
    2. Tube diameter. Is it important to keep my penis straight while pumped to help correct the congenital curvature?

    Fully erect, a 1.75 inch tube would be a squeeze for me to fit into, a 2 inch diameter tube would be perfect for helping keep the penis straight but comfortable. Currently, my pump is 2.25inches in diameter. Should I get a narrower pump to help with correcting the curvature or is this unnecessary?
    1. Sleeve/constriction ring. On a peyronie's disease forum, they recommend pumping WITHOUT a constriction ring/sleeve to help with correcting that issue. My issue is more of a congenital curvature which I suspect has no plaque involved. In addition, I want girth gains. Should I use the sleeve/ring or not for best results?

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    Hey blasto2888,

    1. After every pump I give him some time to expand. This way I can reach a much better result in the last minutes of the session. You can see him slowly grow. You want to be able to pump one last time in the last 3 minutes. Doing this you will notice many more red dots on your skin. (don't worry that's normal)

    A more narrow pump won't change anything.

    There are guys using rubber cockrings while pumping. They accelerate the process but I can't say if they can help with peyronies's disease.
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    Start 7.28 x 4.81 Current 8.11 x 5.43


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      Hello Blasto,

      I started off the same way, a few weeks in I added jelques between sets buy just enough to get good blood flow.

      If you kep your sets ar 3-5 HG, you should experience great improvements in EQ. As far as entering 50% erect, that will be enough to see results but 75% to fully erect is always best, easier said than done though.

      Your girth would be better suited with a 2.00 inch cylinder but eventually you will need the 2.25 inch cylinder so it is good that you have it already.

      The best place to get a quality cylinder without breaking the bank is LeLuv dot com
      Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before