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Can collagen limit gains?

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  • Can collagen limit gains?

    I'm a slow gainer. Been doing PE for 16 months, gained .5-75 in length (varying in EQ level) and most of that was newbie gains. Flaccid hang is improved and girth is only marginally better. Im closing in on 1,000 hours extending but the bulk of that Ive seen no real improvement. I do manual stretches, jelq, and pump also. EQ is good, especially after pumping. Still, the the gain is only temporary and i feel like ive plateau'd.

    I drink this special **** coffee ( i drink a lot of coffee) for health benefits but I only recently realized that it contains collagen. I already have a low body fat, an insane metabolism, and difficulty putting on muscle mass at the gym. It seems like it would be a no brainer to consider, but im wondering if anyone can positively attest to colagen being a verifiable hindrance to PE gains?

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    Dont know what happened with the stars. The word is "****"


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      Thats weird. Ok. Blue, we'll call it blue coffee


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        hahahaha trying to explain the stars that's funny i must admit. well for starters I must say that if we go by the upper number, 0.75 inches is still a gain albeit not the greatest but definitely not the smallest so try to see that from a positive perspective. Difficult to say why you havent gained more though and it's hard to say what worked and what didn't. Regarding the collagen i have a difficult time seeing how it would actually hinder gains. Why do you think that it would?


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          Collagen is supposed to work something like helping with your skin's elasticity, to keep it tight and healthy appearance. A breakdown of collagen, which is normal as we age, is what causes wrinkles in the skin.

          Obviously in PE, a tight penis when flaccid makes for difficulty in stretching and creating microtears, so im just putting 2 and 2 together


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            A large component of ALL connective tissue is collagen. This in and of itself doesn't limits gains.

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              Coffee will have more negative effects than collagen supplements.


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                what do you mean varying in eq level?

                is your length still 0.5-0.75 lengthier than when you first started?
                Pe log


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                  Originally posted by PEispossible View Post
                  what do you mean varying in eq level?

                  is your length still 0.5-0.75 lengthier than when you first started?
                  .5 lengthier with a decent erection. .75 lengthier at best bloodflow/EQ


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                    While I'm no expert, it would seem that collagen proteins in your diet would promote healing and rebuilding. PE will create microtears and put stress on the structures of the penis (stretching and expansion) that need nutrition to rebuild and lengthen.

                    Have you been able to progressively add length to your extender? What is your pumping and stretching routine?? Warmup and manual stretches prior to applying the extender device has been shown to be effective.

                    Congrats on your gains BTW!

                    Also, the article posted by Big Al is a great read (especially explaining newbie gains)--