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Going on vacation - 1 week of PE?!?!?!?!

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  • Going on vacation - 1 week of PE?!?!?!?!

    So i'm going on vacation next week, and hate to take that much time off PE. What have you guys done to keep going while on vacation?

    I'm considering bringing my bathmate, and some coconut oil so i can at least jelq or something. Would really like to bring the extender, but doubt i'll be able to do that.

    Is TSA going to take my Bathmate?
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    I doubt it, make sure it’s in your checked baggage. Don’t worry to much about PE, you and your man meat are on vacation. Both of you need a break, unless you get a chance to get laid. Have fun.
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      I'm married, so my chances of getting laid are pretty good LOL! I might just take the week off, maybe it'll be a good reset period for me. I'm making really good newbie gains right now, and hate to take too much off.
      Start: 5/28/2019 BPEL - 6.25, EG - 4.75
      Current: 5/23/2021 BPEL - 7.5, EG - 5.625
      Long Term Goal: BPEL - 8, EG - 6


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        Simple; just leave your dick home while you go away. Seriously leave all the stuff at home and go away and have fun. Let's not get carried away!
        The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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          A week off every few weeks is considered protocol in many regimens. It may even help your gains
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            During my first time of doing PE I took a few 1 week breaks with no set backs. The breaks are actually good for ya! Go on the vacation and don’t worry about it for the week! At the most maybe do 100 jelqs in the shower.
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              Take the break, BM...not only will your mind be refreshed but your body will be too.

              Refrain from allowing PE becoming an is more important.

              If you are going to do anything...I would recommend kegels and light stretching in the shower...that's it.
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                Point taken guys. I'll take the 1 week break and try not to worry about it. I'm probably too obsessed with PE at this point. I really went into this thinking it was completely bogus, but thought what the hell. Here i am 5 weeks later and my dick is 3/4" longer, and 1/4" thicker. Its really addicting when gains are made.
                Start: 5/28/2019 BPEL - 6.25, EG - 4.75
                Current: 5/23/2021 BPEL - 7.5, EG - 5.625
                Long Term Goal: BPEL - 8, EG - 6


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                  Its good to have breaks I think I am not on vacation but my dick is these weeks. I am taking a break for pe because I dont gained over hard work for 6 months. So Its good to have decon breaks also for 1 or more weeks.
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