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Stretched Flaccid and girth gain issues

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  • Stretched Flaccid and girth gain issues

    I have done about 650h in the extender.
    All of the hours were extending down and my down stretched flaccid is 2,5cm longer than my BPEL.

    For 3 weeks now I m extending UP. My up stretched flaccid became also 2,5cm longer than my BPEL.

    Today I extended down and I have lost a lot of stretched down flaccid.
    Is this normal?
    I have not gained anything in BPEL. So I started adding daily hours in the extender . From 4-5h to 6-7 hours.
    Will this make any difference in gaining EL?

    Jelqing have made my gain EG of 1cm and then for 2-3 weeks I added bundled stretches and I gained an other 0,5cm girth.My dick had the perfect girth and I was so happy.
    Then I overtrained for 1 week and I lost all girth gains...My erect dick could not expand as it was expanding before and mt flaccid turtled.
    After some light training and some days off in between I gained fast my 1cm gain.

    Is it so fragile and easy to lose the girth?

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    If you lost it in a week, it wasn't gains, it was temporary fluid retention.

    You can lose girth "gains" over a few months, not a week. It also depends how long you've had the gains vs. ease of loss generally
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