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  • ***updated routine***

    Well I am back and if any one has been reading my posts, my last one was pretty upsetting about not having the best customer service with PumpToys.

    I did receive my pump finally! I had to fix a leak from the get go but other than that this pump is pretty great!

    It's a 10" Velseal with a 2" diameter.

    I was previously using a bathmate hydromax 9 but got tired of taking a bath 5 days a week so I invested in this airpump to help with that. For me, baths were so much better for the device than showers so I didn't even bother showering with it cause I didn't like it after trying it.

    I posted my routine in a different thread, along with my future routine up until 2020 or until I am satisfied with my gains. Take a look if your curious.

    I start month 5 of PE in Jan.19th and so far my progress has been great!

    Currently I am averaging 8-12 hours of phallosan forte everyday at around the high green to low yellow tension, I do my JP90 routine Sundays-Thursday nights in the shower (sometimes I do the stretches, but I ALWAYS do the jelqing and V-jelqs), I figured I've been stretching all day with phallosan so it's only when I am in the mood, will I do the stretching.

    I started pumping in early october following all newbie protocols with a bathmate. After about a month I started pumping at max pressure for 3 sets for 5 min each with a 100% erection. Kept this up until around after the holidays. PIs were very good!

    Now, I have this new air pump and I have started to change my pumping routine and it's been very enlightening.

    The first week I had the airpump I maintained my bathmate routine of 3 sets, 5min each just to get used to the pump.

    I also wanted to establish my boundaries right away with the pump so I SLOWLY worked up pressure and I noticed that at around 10-11 hg it feels similar to my bathmate pressure. So I did my 3x5 pump routine under this pressure massaging in between sets that first week with it.

    Just recently I wanted to try new pumping techniques and I think I found one I am gonna stick to and see what happens.

    My new pumping routine is this:

    1.)10min warmup with heater and
    massaging and light stretching

    2.)Get 100% erect and pump between
    5-7hg for 15 minutes.

    3.)Do 50 jelqs as my erection goes
    down, along with some helicopter
    shakes and about 20 seconds of
    firegoat rolls

    4.)Go into pump fully erect again and
    pump between 5-7 hg for another

    5.) Repeat step 3

    6.) 5 min. of spike pumping, I will pump between 5-7hg for 1 min, followed by 20 seconds of 11-12hg, and so on until 5 min is up.

    7.) Repeat step 3

    8.) Edge for 10 min. and then massage in front of a heater for about 5 or so minutes followed by some helicopter shakes. I then I hop into my phallosan forte for the day.

    This routine takes me about and hour or little over and hour and I plan to do this Sunday-Thursday like my original schedule and monitor my PIs.

    Today the routine went well and I can feel the extra blood down there and if I weren't wearing my phallosan, I'd be getting some random wood throughout the day.

    My penis looks way more pumped now that with the bathmate and it's not an edema either cause I get them with my phallosan from time to time, so I know what they look and feel like. They always go away by the next day.

    When I take off my phallosan at night, I get night wood almost daily now and morning wood is guaranteed! Not to mention I am gaining size!

    Well that's it for now! As always I appreciate any feedback, questions, comments, anything! Until next time!

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    I love my bathmate and totally agree about the tub vs shower. Though when I do want to wear it while showering, i put it on in the tub. then strategically stand up with it attached and then I can drain the tub and shower as normal for 15 mins with it attached. I remember when I invested in my BM reading that it gives and even pump compared to air pumps which can cause a "baseball bat" effect as it creates the most tension closest to the head. Just something to keep an eye on. Good luck with the new toy!
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