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    I will be starting my PE soon finaly,I will be doing just warm ups with a rice sock or whatever and then will hang with the LG hanger,no jelqing or jp90 for me because I know I will never be able to keep it up [have big hands],do you think I will still get good gains? after about 3 months I'll add in a bathmate. I definitley do not want to jelq or do any manuals at all no matter what.

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    Hanging has been proven to be effective for increasing length. As long as you take it slow initially to condition yourself you should be fine. Though this is manual, making a jelq device would help as well. Are you just trying to focus on length?
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      I need at least 1 extra inch in length and as much girth as possible so both really but length is more important first,do you think it's worth buying a jelqing device? I don't want to use my hands.


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        Size of your hands shouldn’t matter provided joy jelq with an erection level between 40 and 70%. Do not grip too tight, just enough to feel blood moving up the shaft.
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          Welcome to the gym!

          Have you at least given manual methods a try? I would strongly recommend trying it out at least. Manual methods don't cost anything and a lot of people have made very significant gains alone with just manual work. You are going to have to use your hands when you use some of the devices. Of course its totally up to you, with how you want to approach this but I would just give manual methods a second look before completely turning away from them.

          If you do skip out on the manual exercises, you should be careful with what you decide to use. Manual methods condition your penis so that you are much less likely to cause injury and you can better use devices because your penis can handle a lot more stretching, tugging, pressure, etc.
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            It's a good plan. Work your way up slowly and you will be happy with the results. I have huge hands but can jelq. I use the palm down grip and can only use one hand at a time, but it is effective. Devices can be very helpful when we don't want to or can't use our hands effectively. Enjoy.


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              Your plan looks good to me. Just like a manual routine you will need to through a conditioning period with a device so start off light and work your way up as wishful mentioned. On the back of the LG instruction manual is a suggested startup routine and schedule you should follow. We can also help you get started off with the bathmate once you are ready to implement that into your routine.

              Hanging is great for length but there are some, including myself, that also made some very good girth gains with it. When you add in the bathmate my suggestion would be to do the pumping after your hanging session. This should help maximize your girth gains.
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                Consider the following for your regimen: The "3x20" Hanging Routine
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                  ok thanks a lot for all the help I will get started soon.


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                    Honestly, if you are interested in a jelq device make your own. I made mine and then I bought one. I like my home made better. Just my experience.
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