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Big veiny penis how ?

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  • Big veiny penis how ?

    I have two big questions hope you will take your time and answer them, thanks alot!


    Hi guys i was woundering to how do some guys ( pornstars ) get to have a multi big veins shown on their penises.

    Any diets? Supplements ?
    I tried cock rings and reverse kegel, but i only managed to see one small little tiny blue vein on the suffers but not big and large like porn guys, i wounder why??

    Also, i was a gym member once, and i saw how people ended up having big arms with big veins, but when it comes to penises i have no idea... any help, please a safe one!

    PLEASE CHECK THIS PICTURE, HOW CAN I GET A SIMILAR GADGET ?! you guys are expert, what do you guys think? what was his technique according to you ?

    <picture link removed>

    2/ I have a very beautiful understanding girlfriend, although she is older than me but we get alone , you could say she understand my situation, anyhow everyday i kind of have sex 3-4 hours, i'm not a super man but with music and lube and roleplay i can spend the weekend all naked with her like a 8 hours sex, i go fast and stop, i even use the timer and calculate my speed and compare it!
    i don't know if i should say this, but we watch porn togather and i try to compete with them! same position,speed,poses,kisses,dirty talk... you got the picture!

    whats your thoughts and opinion ?
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    Pe will give you a bigger dick and it usually increases vascularity . Some techniques are more likely to increase veins as you get more advanced you can aim your pe .

    In the mean time go to beginner section and pick out a routine.


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      Jelq mate, bloody hell jelqing is making my penis look like a rod with snakes wrapping around it lol
      The only easy day was yesterday


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        Is it possible to do PE, without supplements and vitamine? most of this stuff can imported to my county.


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          Also mainly just genetics. Some people will naturally be more vascular. Just like in bodybuilding with peoples physiques. Veins running through the arms, forearms, even across their chest and shoulders, all over their legs. And some only have a few not so prominent ones.


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            Originally posted by Mr.Tony View Post
            Is it possible to do PE, without supplements and vitamine? most of this stuff can imported to my county.
            Some people suggest a number of supplements and swear by them but I don't see why you can't do it without the supplements, you can try and if you don't see any gains after 3 months or so you can try adding in some supplements
            The only easy day was yesterday


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              Focus on EQ and cardiovascular training. Jelqing is also a good exercise for fostering vascularity.
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