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Suggestions of routine when I have this much time and these equipment to use

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  • Suggestions of routine when I have this much time and these equipment to use

    Time to make another attack after long brake from PE. I'm completely deconditioned but haven't lost any of my gains that I made mostly in 2016-2017. Gains of 1" lenght and marginal amount of girth.

    I have these equipment:
    -ESL40 ADS
    -Vachanger 3
    -Good quality pump

    I can wear esl40 when working during weekdays 07-16. Tension is not enough to make gains anymore, but it could serve as anti-turtle and "heal while extended". I can also throw in some manual work during workday but I can't do any other warm up than firestarters. Then after work I have variable amount of time to use in my own privacy. Generally I have minimum of about 1 hour late at night to devote completely to PE (hanging, manual PE). But some days I have more hours. But when watching after kids after work I can use Vachanger with resistance bands attached below knee to get even 10 lbs of tension.

    Goal is still length.
    What I think of myself is esl40 usage every day as "heal while extended". Few short manual stretching sessions that would look something like this;
    -firestarters few minutes
    -side to side stretch 5 min
    -A-stretch 5 min
    -Upward stretch 2 min
    -Straight out 2 min

    Or would it be better to concentrate only one direction?

    Days when watching after kids Vachanger3 used as extender with resistance bands for few hours.

    Then at night hanging btc, straight down or over fulcrum with Vachanger3. One long +1 hour set and after that strong manual stretching downwards.

    Pumping I have not done at all. I don't know if it has any potential for me to gain length? I could try to pump straight after hanging, but usually EQ is not 10/10 straight after hanging and time is very limited or I would have to cut my hanging time.

    What do you guys suggest with these specs?