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  • Growth potentail?

    How do you know when you've reach your full growth potential? Ive been using the bathmate x40 for a few months now and I just seem to stay the same size. I assume once you're done growing you can get rid of the pump, right? Or do I need to keep the pump and use it for the rest of my life to keep the gains or for them to remain permanent?

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    I personally used x30 for few month inconsistently and i've read that Bathmate can't be used seriously as a standalone device, you should use it aside Jelqing or other PE exercices to really cement your gains. Most of guys here use Bathmate as warmup or after the exercices.
    BPEL x EG
    Start: 6.7 x 4.9
    Current: 7.1 x 5.4 [7.2 x 5.5 max, 5.75 EG c-ring, 6 EG post-pumping]
    Goal: 8.0 x 6.0


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      Would you be doing any manual pe? That might change a few things.
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        There's a point of diminishing returns, but as for people achieving their TRUE potential, most fall very short.

        Look into the following medical condition: . Note the MASSIVE and almost instantaneous level of growth achieved by the patient! This type of growth is at a level which is almost never seen- even among trainees who train for years! While this isn't meant to inspire one to attempt to induce megalophallus, it does show that massive growth is possible- and even in relatively short periods of time!
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          I currently have the x40 and it will take more than a few months to figure out what you're doing, alone. Over time I used to pump to 7' for minimum suction. Now I pump to 7.5'. You are now where near your potential for the x40 pump until you pack the tube. That would be about ~9.5x7.5 and it tapers towards the top.

          If you aren't growing, you need you re evaluate and try something different. I typically measure every month and if I don't gain, I increase what I'm doing. If I grow, I stick with it for another month and then measure again.