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Jelqing issues

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  • Jelqing issues

    So I recently started jelqing and have noticed that my right side looks alot thicker. So my query was that if I use my left hand to jelq more would that increase my left sides thickness or would my right hand?

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    I’ve been told that when you jelq in a certain direction or certain side it can change you penis to adjust in that direction. People often do that to fix a curve. I personally jelq with both of my hands which also makes it more effective. But yes, your left side will “thicken” too.


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      Jelqing issue?

      I recently started jelqing and noticed that my right side is alot more thicker when I have an erection so I assume I'm putting more pressure but is this due to when I use my left hand to jelq or right hand, also should I do more reps with the other hand to fix the left?


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        Yeah so I do 10 reps with my left then 10 with my right etc so should I do more with my left hand to thicken the left?


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          I have merged your 2 threads. Please keep your question to one forum only.
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